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Start-ups and Scale-ups are changing the world around us! Now you can get involved too.

Inception Group, is one of the only hands-on investment funds ecosystems that invests in start-ups and scale-ups with the greatest market’s growth potential, both in Luxembourg, Belgium, Portugal and internationally, which are engaged in digital world transition.

Business Angels
Equity Capital Seed Serie A
Fund & ISACInvestment potential and equity investment in your start-up

Inception Capital is a Luxembourgish Private Equity fund created by Inception Group to accelerate scale-ups through SERIE A and SERIE B Investments.

Know the people behind Inception Capital

With many years of experience and with profiles as different as they are complementary, David and Maxime pool their knowledge to help companies achieve success.

David Iachetta

General Partner & Investor
David Iachetta has an outstanding record in digital-based expertise. Since 2000, David has developed his soft and hard skills by investing in and developing disruptive businesses and ambiguous challenges. From TEDx Talks to ’coffee’ meetings, David is always available to discuss, share and learn about what drives him the most: digital matters and behavioral economics.

Maxime Ray

General Partner & Investor
Maxime is a Managing Partner at Falcon Capital, Director of Black Forest SICAV SIF (EUR 3.5bn). He has an extensive experience in Private Equity and transaction of 15 years. His expertise ranges from various industry such as Aerospace and Aviation Sector to Financial Services.


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