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We Are All Gamers

“The challenge today, regarding all different generations and business sectors, is to engage, attract, get to genuinely know and manage those who are now the majority of the working population.”
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Who is David Iachetta?

I’m passionate about gamification strategies and behavioural economics.

With a remarkable record in digital-based expertise since 2000, I developed my soft and hard skills by investing and developing disruptive businesses and ambiguous challenges. From TEDx Talks to “coffee” meetings, I’m always available to discuss, share and learn about what drives me the most: Digital and Gamification.
I’m a adventurous entrepreneur who puts business skills in every daily-basis tasks I need to accomplish. I’m fluent in 4 languages and I like to be informed and challenged about every single subject.

Throughout my career, I had an international exposure starting from Belgium then Luxembourg, Portugal, France and the UK where I developed a deep understanding of the global business and multicultural environment.

That’s how I built my reputation and position in the European business world, but also how I successfully led some of my companies and investments in the IT sector, especially with the acquisition of Mobilu by Arendt.
I have developed a vast experience in the development and acceleration of start-ups, which I now make available to future entrepreneurs.


The  Beginning

After graduating in Computer Science at the Institut Saint-Laurent in Belgium, soon I developed tech and digital-driven ability to help and suppress companies in need. Always seeking to promote digital transformation within businesses, I took the risk, in 2008, of fighting for companies in need single-handedly and helping them recover. Although I started my entrepreneurial journey with empty pockets, my knowledge and expertise were excellent, thanks to my professional experience so far.



With 20 years of proven track in digital business, I started my career in 2000 through the banking sector. Driven by experience and technology maturity, I created in 2010 “Mobilu“- an awarded mobility company that strives every day in bringing its expertise to business facing new technology challenges.
A start-up whose development was a real success since in 2020, Mobilu joined Arendt, Luxembourg leader in legal, tax and commercial services.



In 2014, I’ve found Bravon, a Portuguese company specialized in gamification and engagement platform able to help companies to connect and engage their collaborators. A few years later, Bravon presented the new Platform made for the Direct Selling Industry.



In 2018, my dream came true by merging my passion for Belgian beer and the digital, by creating the APPERITIVO franchise. Appperitivo is trully a platform for Beer Lovers. Either do you want to learn about Beer Brewing or buy the best ingredients, Apperitivo is where you want to go.

In 20219, to get close to my audience, I started my author path.
We Are All Gamers’ is a personal-based guide in how to engage younger generations in modern digital workplaces. Based on my self and true story of an entrepreneur, examples and business life-track, since my first approach as a student to the challenges of an established businessman, I describe how gamification saved my team.

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We Are All Gamers