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Mobilu is a tailor-made, digital-driven platform with profitable thinking, that makes the switch from analogical to digital. Its main goal is to help you minimize the distance between your digital-thinkers employees and your company resources.

Identified Need

Our Solution

For collaborators, through standard managing models, signing a paper can be complicated. Working and meeting around the world, being able to sign a document remotely will save them time and money pushing the business forward.
3 Digital Systems capable to solve any issue regarding digital signatures. Standard Electronic Signature (SES), Advanced Electronic Signature (AES) and Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) gives to companies Flexible Deployment Options, Strong Authentication Options, Audit Trails, Security and Anti-Tampering Controls through Scalable Platform Easy to Use
A business is made of processes (human resources, customer management, sales department,…). Each department manages processes daily and manually, in a regulated or non-regulated manner. The digitization of these processes is the basis of digital transformation.
With Mobilu, This transformation is not limited to internal processes, it embarks customers, partners or employees thanks to our apps through Personalized processes, Live Tracking and Third Party Integrations.


With the Inception-Group support, Mobilu managed to create successful project, having been acquired in 2020 by Arendt.

How our services bring about success